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Our Services

Data Cabling

Choosing the right cabling solution for your needs can be a daunting task in these times of ever changing technology. Phama cabling solution provides a cabling consultancy service to help you choose the right solution for your business needs. We are specialists in the installation and implementation of Category 5e, 6, 6a, 7 and 7A Structured Cabling Systems. We provide each installation with a maximum Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, which protects against installation and cable performance defects. Whether you need just 1 additional outlet or you require multi thousand outlets installed, Phama cabling solution has the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure your installation is carried out professionally and to your specification. Every installation is 100% tested, using the industries latest test equipment.

Fiber Cabling

We have an experience in the supply, design, installation, termination and testing of all types of fiber optic cables. Whether you require the supply, installation, termination or testing of Single Mode or Multi Mode Fiber, using ST, SC, FC or LC connectors, you can be assured that Phama cabling solution in house qualified installers are equipped with the latest knowledge and equipment to carry out the work to the highest standard. We have high performance splicing and testing equipment for multi-mode and single mode fiber to ensure consistent quality of our installations.
•Multimode Fiber
•Single mode Fiber
•ST, SC, FC, LC terminations

Voice Cabling

We have vast experience in the installation, termination and testing of cables from 2 pair to 1000’s pairs. All of our work is labeled and tested to the relevant standards and documentary evidence of testing is provided upon completion of all works.

Patching Services

We can carry out a complete re-patch of your cabinet(s), and also provide services to upgrade/change your existing communications cabinet(s), or even re-locate them if necessary.

  • Full ‘meaningful’ labeling with color coded patch leads
  • Full patching schedule for your records
  • Out of hours service for minimal disruption to your staff

Network Audit Service

Many networks have been built up over time and as a consequence many are not designed to cope with the latest applications and resources. Comms rooms’ organization can lapse, leading to a mass of spaghetti-like patching in the racks and cabinets. Bottlenecks are created and performance restricted. Our Network Audit Service will help to solve these problems by giving your structured cabling system a thorough health check and audit. The Network Audit will be tailored to meet your specific needs, and can include the entire structured cabling system or any element within it. The Service can be provided in all types of building or branch network:

•Individual buildings of all sizes
•Regional or national branches / depots / offices

We will provide:
•Audit to suit your requirements
•Skilled surveyors to complete a technical audit
•Rapid response and turnaround
•Experienced co-ordination team at our office
•Management of survey or multi-site rollout
•Full, individually tailored audit report comprising:
•Findings, analysis and recommendations

Wireless Networking

We are experts in Wireless LAN Solutions and can either add a solution to your existing conventionally wired network or implement a completely wireless network in your workplace. We can complete a full Wireless Planning survey with Fluke Networks AirMagnet Survey PRO software to determine the optimal access point location, install the required cabling, Wireless Access Points, and patch to the network. A signal strength coverage map will be presented along with the test results We are installers of Wavesight Point to Point Bridges Wavesight’s WaveMAX wireless Ethernet bridges are ideal for fast, cost effective Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) point-to-point links up to 40KM. The OFDM technology delivers near and in many cases no line of sight (NLOS) performance, allowing you to use less links to achieve your objective. Applications include:
•Building to building
•Last mile access
•Camera to Control Centre
•Gate to guardhouse video/audio
•Leased Line backup

IP Surveillance

IP Cameras are cameras that are installed onto your existing Computer Network and allow you to view a stream of images, live or recorded, either on your Intranet or via the Internet. Some Cameras come with their own internal memory while others back up to a hard drive located within your IP (Internet Protocol) network

• Security surveillance Network video’s advanced functionality makes it highly suited to the applications involved in security surveillance. The flexibility of digital technology enhances security personnel’s ability to protect people, property and assets. Such systems are therefore an especially attractive option for companies currently using CCTV.

• Remote monitoring Network video gives users the ability to gather information at all key points of an operation and view it in real-time. This makes the technology ideal for monitoring equipment, people and places both locally and remotely. Application examples include traffic and production line monitoring, and the monitoring of multiple store locations.

Flexible and scalable solutions for professional video surveillance and remote monitoring For example, for CCTV users faced with the technology shift from their existing analogue systems to network video, we offer solutions for migrating and for expanding seamlessly. We make deployment easy in all types of environments: indoor, outdoor, wired, wireless, and in rough, tough conditions


Category 5e & 6 Cabling
We take testing very seriously, and only utilize the best cable testers. Each & every installed Category 5e & 6 Copper cable is tested with either a Fluke DTX 1200, 1800 or DSP 4300 cable tester to ensure they exceed ISO 11801:2202 and EN 50173-2,3,5 Standards.

Category 6A Cabling
Phama Cabling Solution can offer full Alien Crosstalk testing for Category 6A to ISO 11801:2002 Class EA. The certification process for 10 Gig consists of two phases: (1) each individual link needs to be certi􀏐ied for compliance with the cabling link specification for 10 Gig and (2) the Alien Crosstalk performance of the cabling installation needs to be measured and evaluated.

Fiber Optic Cabling
Phama Cabling Solution perform fiber testing to Tier 1 (Light Loss Readings) & Tier 2 (OTDR Trace) Certification .The OTDR is a full featured Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) module that snaps onto the Fluke Networks DTX Cable Analyzer and analyzes traces on single mode and multimode fiber. Testing is carried out to ISO 14763-3 Standards

CAD Services

When our clients supply building drawings, we can produce our own CAD. These drawings show all outlet locations, wiring closet locations, numbering scheme adopted and major cable routes.