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Network Audit Service

Many networks have been built up over time and as a consequence many are not designed to cope with the latest applications and resources. Comms rooms’ organization can lapse, leading to a mass of spaghetti-like patching in the racks and cabinets. Bottlenecks are created and performance restricted. Our Network Audit Service will help to solve these problems by giving your structured cabling system a thorough health check and audit. The Network Audit will be tailored to meet your specific needs, and can include the entire structured cabling system or any element within it. The Service can be provided in all types of building or branch network:

•Individual buildings of all sizes
•Regional or national branches / depots / offices

We will provide:
•Audit to suit your requirements
•Skilled surveyors to complete a technical audit
•Rapid response and turnaround
•Experienced co-ordination team at our office
•Management of survey or multi-site rollout
•Full, individually tailored audit report comprising:
•Findings, analysis and recommendations