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Wireless Networking

We are experts in Wireless LAN Solutions and can either add a solution to your existing conventionally wired network or implement a completely wireless network in your workplace. We can complete a full Wireless Planning survey with Fluke Networks AirMagnet Survey PRO software to determine the optimal access point location, install the required cabling, Wireless Access Points, and patch to the network. A signal strength coverage map will be presented along with the test results We are installers of Wavesight Point to Point Bridges Wavesight’s WaveMAX wireless Ethernet bridges are ideal for fast, cost effective Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) point-to-point links up to 40KM. The OFDM technology delivers near and in many cases no line of sight (NLOS) performance, allowing you to use less links to achieve your objective. Applications include:
•Building to building
•Last mile access
•Camera to Control Centre
•Gate to guardhouse video/audio
•Leased Line backup